In recent years, Atlanta, GA has steadily become the premiere city in the country to unearth international superstar talent. Whether it be the hottest rapper, songwriter or producer, Atlanta is where it’s at. So it is no wonder that we find, Atlanta’s newest protégées The Kooly Bros, an eclectic trio compromising of producer/ vocalist, G Fresh, and rappers Wes and Sanders, a vibrant group of 20-year-old something’s, from European families, contributing to a unique universal sound which incorporates modern American southern flair, mixed with traditional European nuances.

Brothers, Sanders and G Fresh who were born in Switzerland, Europe and who’s family migrated to Atlanta, Georgia in the early eighties, where the brothers were raised, in later years connected with Wes The Mess. After establishing a common interest in music, the guys organically came together to form, The Kooly Bros.

The Kooly Bros combine hardcore hip-hop in a fresh-sounding musical mash up that is danceable, playful and ridiculously infectious. In just a short period of time, the trio have attracted an impressive following of fans on social media purely via the notion that a modern day Beastie Boy’s style group is on the verge.

The name Kooly Bros came from the member’s perception of living a “kool” lifestyle. This “kool” lifestyle incorporates the groups general approach to life which includes following your dreams, living a positive lifestyle, having fun, approaching life like it’s a party, leaving your stamp on the world, all while having a fun and cool time.

As a listener, The Kooly Bros methodology includes a natural blend of Pop, EDM, Funk and Hip Hop, where the guys’ individual influences help create their unique and distinct sound. While Sanders and Wes rap style carefully embodies playful delivery and fine-tuned lyricism, G Fresh’s efforts display a wide range of vocal qualities and effects that lend a unique character to his voice. Think Prince, Rick James, and Michael Jackson even, “white boy” style… An extremely bold statement, we know, but with a solid 2015 spin and an evolved bravura, the comparison is warranted. In addition, previous efforts via the groups producer, G Fresh has landed placements with multi-platinum artists; Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz, Future, B.O.B., Travis Porter and more, further highlighting the groups musical abilities, and street credibility.

In their stage performances, audiences are left feeling inspired, excited and energized. With such a diverse level of influence, the Kooly Bros provide listeners with a universal experience, which resonate in several countries across the globe, incorporating compositions that sends you around the world while at the same time, maintaining the Kooly Bros signature sound.

Signed to independent record label, Never Eat Alone, based in Atlanta GA, The Kooly Bros have been putting the work in, making the rounds on the Atlanta underground scene earning them further notoriety and recognition.

Due to their brash humor and punkish sensibility, the Kooly Bros have been compared to legendary rap trio The Beastie Boys. Is it because they are white? Maybe or maybe not…? But who cares!!! Music is music and good music is what it’s all about.

The Kooly Bros are inextricably associated with the street-smart attitude and urban swagger of Atlanta, GA. Their undeniable talent cultivates a strong following for their hard-hitting energy, provocative arrangements and unique vigor. They embrace a high level of maturity; exploring their creativity with ever-more adventurous mixtures of samples and live playing, sometimes delving into jazzy funk-soul grooves on intermittent instrumental projects.

The Kooly Bros are here to make a statement and change the climate of popular music. Wanna be a part of the movement? All you gotta do is Be Kooly!

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