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Turkish Energy Digest for International Investors

Haluk Direskeneli

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I wrote this book to collect my blog-web writings on "Energy- Thermal Power Plants". I'm a 1973 BsME graduate of METU ( mechanical engineering department. I have long years of professional life. My expertise is mainly on thermal power plants. I worry on CO2 emissions on global warming, and I believe in that coal fired Thermal power plants, should comply with environmental regulations. Hence they should meet emission standards, properly dispose their refuse, fly-ash, bottom ash, poisonous byproducts. I believe that each thermal power plant is to be analyzed individually in detail, so that everyone can understand, evaluate, and find solutions for public compromise best for all. I believe in that fossil fired thermal power plants should be in full compliance to "Environmental Impact Assessments", and I believe in sensitivity to the environmental protection to be in compliance with international norms. I believe in the importance of thermal power plants as well as nuclear to have sufficient energy generation to respond to country's ever increasing base-load demand for prosperity. I am basically a technical writer who explains the simple details to find intelligent solutions for our local energy environment. I receive lots of criticism from my colleagues while writing them. In order to keep constant attention of the reader, I give examples from local Turkish environment, I review plant history, operation difficulties, rehab evaluations, privatization. I occasionally write on "Opera", "Travel", "Restaurants,", "Germany, Munich, opera", "Business experience". These articles are creating a sort of flavor (spice) in my writings. I tried to follow great writers Daniel Yergin and Malcolm Gladwell in writing on energy. I checked online book sales web sites. I found that there are very few number of books on "energy". I feel that this book can fill the demand of local and international readers, energy professionals, energy analysts. I hope that you will enjoy reading this book.


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