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Publisher: KENECHUKWU OBI (August 15, 2014)


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THE VOICE is a dramatization of an interview session with a female President of an African country whose name is Justin. She lets audiences in on the journey and story behind her rise to the top. Inspired as a child by her dreams, ambitions and unspeakable horror plaguing her fellow girls , Justin sets off on a journey to conquer evil, oppression, social injustice, corrupt and oppressive regimes that characteristically don’t give human rights, free speech and open societies, the least chance to thrive. And the only weapon she has is the only one she knows, the only one she uses best, which is the pen. Her crusade then pitches her against a brutal dictator who does not mind repeating the South African historic and atrocious Soweto crackdown, again and again. This makes Justin realize that the hardest part of her mission has just begun, and embracing defeat in the wake of a huge storm of tyranny, molestation, intimidation and fierce threats, is an option she will never consider if she is to triumph and trigger a tsunami of freedom, democracy, social justice and equality to happen in her fatherland.

THE VOICE is a challenging, provocative, evocative, compelling and audience-engaging radical theatrical creation.


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