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The Trial Of Eze Iboko

Ikechukwu Echebiri

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Pages: 199

Publisher: Ikechukwu Echebiri (January 3, 2016)


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A theatrical account of events surrounding the reign of Eze Iboko of Abakaliki Kingdom in former Eastern Nigeria.

Eze Iboko, a dictatorial monarch lived and reigned over the Abakaliki Kingdom in the recent past. During his reign, he exploited the people of his Kingdom through rending authoritarian rule on his subjects. He even foisted acts of barbarism and violence on his weak kingdom. But this and other aspects of his authoritarian rule did not go down well with Pastor Damian(Pastor of the new Christian religion) and his converts.

For his dare, there was a clash between the adherents of the new religion and proponents of the old culture as well as the cast on both sides of the divide.

Not comfortable with watching the evolving clash, the secular government of John Andrew, a representative of colonial Britain intervenes. With the intervention, Eze Iboko was tried and found guilty of human rights abuses. He fell tragically like a pack of cards. But before this, Pastor Damian had paid the ultimate prize with his dear life.

This account is a fictional representation of a historical occurrence, hence, has been seriously enriched.

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