Download The Son Of Zeus The Beast Of The Cartel Book 4 for free

The Son Of Zeus (The Beast of the Cartel Book 4)

Sunny Giovanni

Format: Print Length

Language: English

Pages: 213

Publisher: Lucid Legends, LLC. (March 7, 2015)


Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub

Size: 6.7 MB

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Rumor and Zeus Commodore are known as the Beauty and the Beast of the Cartel. Their son, Camren Commodore, is raised as anything less of a prince and has any and everything his heart desires. The only problem with that is the simple fact that Camren doesn't know exactly what it is he wants. With high school coming to an end, it's not grades, rumors, or anything dealing with college that is crowding his thoughts.

He isn't the same sweet and innocent little boy some may see him as. At age eighteen Camren-- built like a dream and possessing supreme posture-- and his best friend of thirteen years are tested with everything in between the family business, love, sex, acceptance and each other. Camren's devout feelings for Mia are shown until it is brought up that she has a boyfriend. With a shattered heart Camren closes himself off from the world and can't even focus on the trials that are to come. His leadership is placed on the chopping block when he's forced to choose between love interests and the family business, and he finds himself standing in the middle of the cartel to settle a score. It seems that the business he had been trying to dodge forever is dropped right into his lap in order to crown him as the Prince, but all out war was presented right along with it, whether it be his emotions, his thoughts or snakes who steal from the family.

New faces appear and a new family is added into his life to offer a helping hand, but the Commodores have never been quite so sure of how to trust others they don't know. With their hormones speaking for them it is hard for Camren and Mia to remember their friendship before all else and boundaries are crossed.

When the smoke clears, it's hard to tell who's still standing, who's still living and who still has the upper hand in all of this drama. One thing is for sure. The son of the almighty Zeus must prevail over all or else the consequences are dyer.

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