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The Last to Know

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When Dana Hawkins finds herself wrapped in the arms of her estranged husband, her body responds instantly to their history. Still angry and hurt by his betrayal of their marriage she weakens under the expert touch of his strong hands, the soft, sweet words flowing from his lips, and the familiar scent of his hard body. Lost in the moment of their lovemaking, she is totally shocked when he screams out the name of their 13-year-old daughter.

Dana struggles to find a way to deny her tumultuous feelings for her husband, raise two emotional scarred children, while competing at her high energy job at a large insurance agency.

Devastated by the fast moving destruction tearing though her family, Dana turns to her best friend Corrine who has a family secret of her own, and her extended family members for support. In some of them she finds comfort, others death and destruction

This novel rips the iron curtain of secrecy surrounding sexual abuse completely open, exposing the raw emotional affects of this act upon the entire family. It is fresh, new, daring.

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