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The Boy

Peter West

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A story of a young English lad, John, who grows up through the harsh experiences of working underground in a Mining complex in the hot, dry Eastern area of South Africa in the late 1940's.

He has a gift (or problem) of psychic awareness, which he has to learn to harness. His underground tutor is a reclusive and elderly Afrikaans Miner who has the ability to 'feel' the state of the rock formations after blasting.

John runs foul of a strident woman in the mining township who calls him a witch, and proceeds to loudly blame him for all of the problems that arise in the community.

He also meets a young woman, who grows to understand him, and to trust him. Love is there, in spite of huge turmoil in the community.

The Mine Management find a young man who has practical skills in understanding and shaping the new ideas to combat the huge dust problems associated with the crushing plant that release the metals from the mined rock.

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