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Off the Beaten Path

Dennis Ogden

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Language: English

Pages: 103

Publisher: XLibris; Third edition (June 21, 2010)


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Size: 7.7 MB

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The author and his wife broke free of a dull and uneventful life to chance a life in a strange and different land. Glimpses of what drives a restless couple to take their chances in the Peace Corps and live a life that reads like a real life travel documentary. This book reveals an alternative life style available to all US citizens of all ages who want to know and experience life as the rest of the world sees it.
The occasional violence and disease are graphically described. The heartaches and the joys of the simple life bring home to all of us the real benefits that we all take for granted.
Dennis Ogden is to be congratulated on his perception of the problems that beset third world countries and his sugĀ¬gestions on solving some of them. Definitely a "must read" for anyone venturing of the beaten track in any third world country and especially into the hinterlands of Central America.

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