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Hustler from Conception

Vallean Jackson

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 250

Publisher: K. Ellis Publications LLC (December 11, 2015)

ISBN: 0692594604

Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub

Size: 9.8 MB

Downloadable formats: PDF

Her love for the streets is what allowed Ashanti to be hated by them all but disrespected by none. No one would have thought that the daughter of Remy and Dirk Colosimo, would end up following in their footsteps. Wanting to make a name for herself, but still keep up the Colosimo name, Ace begins to run the streets with an iron fist, so that it was known she wasn’t the one to play with. Feeling herself a little too much, she starts to see some flaws with the crew she runs with, and trust issues begins to creep in about the people around her. Will Ace allow the betrayals, lies, and trust issues that come with the game to interrupt her quest to run the streets, or will she prove to everybody that she has the game on lock, since by the way she has been hustlin’ from conception.

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