Download High School Safe Plays And Thespian Skits online

High School Safe Plays and Thespian Skits

Gregory Lavelle

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A collection of plays containing no inappropriate language or conduct and requiring minimal to no set, special effects and costuming which can be produced for little or no royalties . For royalty information contact Gregory J. Lavelle at (440) 724-4538 or at TABLE OF CONTENTS


CHAIR AND CONFESSOR A veteran returns from World War II having been wounded and given a psychiatric discharge. He has no job and is forced to stay in his aunt’s attic where he is inspired by a spirit which inhabits a chair. A great lesson on the power of hope and ingenuity.

ELEVENTH HOUR CONFESSION A young Caucasian female public defender goes to the cell of an African-American death row prisoner who she defended to tell him that his appeal has been denied. The prisoner confesses to the crime to allow the attorney to continue her career with a clean conscience. The audience is left to ponder whether his violent actions in making his “confession” were real, or merely an act of mercy toward the attorney.

WELCOME TO AB COMPANY A new recruit arrives at the barracks of G Squad in Iraq and is greeted with “Welcome to AB Company” since each member of the squad has AB negative blood type. The new recruit discovers too late that it is no mere coincidence and is part of a very sinister plot.


A FRESH START AT THE SUNRISE LAUNDROMAT (Christian Musical Comedy) A comedy political satire set in the present. Bob, a former bank manager, who has lost everything, meets Emily, another victim of the economy. Emily keeps secret from Bob the fact that she has become a prostitute in order to survive. Wendel, an obviously insane homeless man, approaches Bob and Emily, asking for six identical pairs of socks so that he can perform an experiment to prove his theory that unmatched socks are actually creatures from another planet. The experiment is successful!

A QUESTION OF GUILT – STATE V. DAVIS A two act “interactive” jury trial murder mystery where the audience sits as jury. There are four (4) alternate endings so that the murderer changes with each performance.

BRANCHES A two act “interactive” drama. A psychiatrist conducts the group discussion about the problems of the patient who is facing his mid-life crisis. Through a magic potion, the patient is led through the “branches” in his life where he was faced with choices. The psychiatrist allows him to take the other branches. While the patient believes his choices are imaginary, they are actually real. The audience can choose to bail the patient out or to allow him to face the consequences of his actions with three alternate endings.

JAKE’S DILEMMA A two act comedy about a paranoid old man running a diner in the middle of nowhere in Arizona who comes to believe that two tourists are from outer space and holds them at gunpoint. The tagline: Perhaps even a crazy squirrel finds an acorn now and again.

SMOKERING. A Christian science fiction comedy where scientists find a mysterious void in space which threatens to end the world.

THE HIGH ROAD A two act drama set in Alabama before the start of the Civil War. James, who has returned from studying in the North, is informed that he must take over the plantation. James determines to free his slaves, but realizes that the slaves are bound more by their lack of education than their chains. James brings in a teacher to educate the slaves. He faces challenges by the other plantation owners who employ economic measures and finally resort to threats of violence to attempt to ensure that he is not successful. With the common sense, savvy and help of his chief slave and the surprising wisdom of his “simple” Aunt Emily, he is able free the slaves. Contains historically accurate information regarding the economics of slavery, early African-American figures and the underground railroad. A good teaching tool for Black History Month.


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