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Her Promise

Shenetta Marie

Format: Print Length

Language: English

Pages: 235

Publisher: A Divine Production (June 2, 2011)


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Set in the background of the mean streets of Cleveland a true love blossoms.

Promise ran a profitable drug Empire in the heart of the city. He was a man of few words with little patience. And feelings, what the fuck were those? There was only one person who has ever found a place in his heart.

Promise had been in love with his best friend Divine since the first day he laid eyes on her 10 years ago. He always made sure he looked out for her and would protect her from anyone or anything by any means necessary. Even from herself if need be. But could his stalking and possesive ways drive her away, regretting they had ever crossed the line?

Come take a ride with these best friends on a journey through sex, murder, betrayal, lies, and family ties to see if that true love can survive on the streets of The Land.

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