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Dope Boy Blues


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Language: English

Pages: 266

Publisher: GUTTA PUBLICATION$ (July 3, 2015)


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Meet Snow White, the beautiful yet dangerous daughter of Memphis’ biggest drug lords known to man. After her father’s sudden death, her brother Trey takes over the streets thus claiming his rightful place on the throne. Only with the position of being King, there’s always a price to pay. What will that price be and will it leave Snow to wind up fending for herself in the end?

Yay-o aka Michael Miller has just set up turf as King of the Dirty South and is by far one of the most notorious drug dealers around. That is until certain life changing events occur, putting the whole dope game on lockdown. Will Michael be able to find his way up out of this one, or will the Memphis 10 area get to finally witness his other side?

Chocolate has been Yay-o’s bottom bitch for the longest. Yet no matter what she does to make him happy, it just never seems to be enough and she is now drained. Being completed fed up and feeling depreciated, she decides that she wants to beat him at his own game.

Only most of the time when a person cheats, there are major consequences. Will Chocolate be able to handle hers?

Come take an emotional roller coaster ride with that’s filled with love, lust, betrayal, money, mayhem and complete madness, as you journey your way through A DOPE BOY’S BLUES……………


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