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Common Good

Bahaa Jameel

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 148

Publisher: AuthorHouse Publishing (July 18, 2011)

ISBN: 1456782843

Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub

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The image of Salma's sad countenance came before his eyes painful and suffering although she didn't complain at all, since she came to live with him he didn't make her feel, he is close to her or care about her, he created a barrier between them. She couldn't dare to complain to him because of the huge distance between them. What is wrong with him to be so indifferent about Salma, his beloved child? His toil for livelihood to support his family and the drudgery of work preoccupied all his time that her forgot her and her dear mother who entrusted her to him before she died. Why does he spend most of his time outside the house? Is it because of his work or because of the strange aversion he feels towards the two boys? Where is his daughter now and with whom? Did she go out to look for a kind word? Does she go out to escape from the stiffing atmosphere in the house? Would he lose her? Is it too late to save her? He sat anxiously waiting for her return with fears doubts, misgivings and suspicions.



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