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Can't Let Go


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Language: English

Pages: 262

Publisher: Zi'ereBooks Presents (April 27, 2016)


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We've all had that one special love and no matter how bad that person hurt you- you couldn't let go. Meet Amber, wife for 20 years and no kids. Her husband, Tre has women all over town for his pleasures. He also has children under the age of ten, that were not the prodcut of his marriage to Amber.

Not only does Tre cheat on Amber, he physically abuses her for the smallest occurrence, such as her forgetting to pick up his dry cleaning.

You got that?

Now meet Jayana, Tre's mistress for 15 years. Tre wouldn't dare put his hands on Jayana. He actually puts her on a pedastal and her wish, is his job to provide.

While Amber is trying to hold on to Tre, he is trying to hold on to Jayana. Add in another woman who has her hooks in Tre, yuo have a recipe for terrible things to happen.

Three women all involved with the same man, what could possibly go right. But think about it, what happens in the end when you CAN'T LET GO?

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