Download Al Maghred The Barbary Lion A Look At Islam for free

Al-Maghred, The Barbary Lion: A Look at Islam

Nat Carnes

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Language: English

Pages: 308

Publisher: iUniverse (July 25, 2012)


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Jordon Frost and Colt McCoy were asked by U.S. President Hugh North to help his intelligence investigators find the person, persons, group or groups, responsible for what was believed to be a terrorist attack that sank a world-class cruise ship near Puerto Rico, a U.S. Caribbean island Commonwealth. Nine hundred passengers and crew were killed in the ear-shattering blast.

Frost, McCoy and the other investigators started their search with zero information. All they had to work with came from news reports originating in the Middle East. One repeated the phrase “Praise Be to Allah.” Another came from a news reporter. He said: “We have just learned a man identified only as the Barbary Lion has claimed responsibility for the sinking ship and the loss of life.”

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