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After The Pain

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Candice Flower and Troy Mitchell were high school sweet hearts. They were in a relationship for fourteen years. Candice has two children and works as an office manager at her uncle's doctor's office. One of her girls is by Troy and the other one she had before she met Troy. They had been dating for some years before she begins to see he was controlling, had a temper and was abusive. Keeping this secret from her family was very hard to do because they were so close. But, who was to know that Troy would betray her with a girl named Tracy Clark. Tracy was a girl he met that he thought would be a one-time fling but ended up messing around for almost a year. Candice had no proof this was going on but she knew Troy was beginning to change. Tracy has some news she has been keeping from Troy and when she finally tells him he feels like his life will soon be going down the drain. Troy doesn't have any feeling for this girl because he really loves Candice. After taking so much hurt from Troy, Candice finds relief in a new doctor that just started at the job. He was fine and he shows her what it's supposed to feel like to be wanted by a man. She was smiling again and looked forward to a new day. Candice starts to believe that Dr. Carl was a mystery that needed to be solved. Just as she finds out about his secrets she finds out about Troy's too. She finds herself having to choose. but does she listen to the truth or does she live through the lies?

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