Download A Primer On Setting Up Technology Business Incubator online

A primer on setting up Technology Business Incubator

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Language: English

Pages: 51

Publisher: A J Balasubramanian; First edition (February 6, 2016)


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The book is a basic introductory text for anyone who is interested in understanding the concept of setting up Technology Business Incubator. This canvas is very large. But this book would attempt to explain the basics and may not deal with advanced and detailed topics. This is quick read for someone who wants to understand the high level concepts and steps involved in setting up an incubator. Many decisions in setting up of an incubator must also take into account the specific conditions, objectives and available existing facilities. The writing style would be simple and direct giving importance to explain the basic concepts. Exceptions and Complex cases may not be dealt here. The primary audience for this book is would be managers of Incubators as well as top management people who would like to quickly understand this concept. Though this book is written with an India perspective and context, some content may be apply universally.

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